Our science provides solutions to clinical challenges

Pan Cancer TARGET yields safe and immunogenic epitopes

Combination of in silico, mass spectrometry and laboratory tools to identify and test epitopes from Pan Cancer T’s unique intracellular targets that are exclusively present in approximately 60% of hard-to-treat cancers, and completely absent from mature healthy tissues.

Pan Cancer TCR yields highly specific and potent T cell receptors

Advanced co-culture system between antigen presenting cells and T cells to retrieve natural-affinity TCRs that selectively bind to epitopes identified through our TARGET platform and mediate T cell responses according to stringent safety and high efficacy criteria.

Pan Cancer TME yields immune profiles to overcome tumor specific challenges

Extensive transcriptome and immunome analysis of cancer subtypes that express our targets, thereby identifying and testing strategies to counteract immune suppression in order to unleash the full potential of TCRs that were selected in our TCR platform.

The TCRs and T cell potentiating strategies that come out of our platforms feed into clinical studies.