Erasmus MC

At Erasmus MC approximately 30,000 cancer patients are treated yearly by 150 medical specialists, making it the largest center for cancer care and research in the Netherlands. Besides excellent patient care and treatment, Erasmus MC performs ground-breaking, innovative research towards new anti-cancer treatments.

The department of Medical Oncology is chaired by prof. dr. Stefan Sleijfer, who is one of Pan Cancer T’s advisory board members. The department aims at establishing tailored treatments for cancer patients, to which end the department runs highly active preclinical and clinical programs of adoptive cellular therapy.

The laboratory of Tumor Immunology is embedded in the dept of Medical Oncology and chaired by prof. dr. Reno Debets, who is founder of PCT BV. The laboratory has a 20-year track record in adoptive T cell therapy. Key examples being a phase I/II adoptive T cell therapy study in advanced renal cell cancer, the 1st clinical study of its nature in Europe (completed); and an ongoing investigator led phase I/II adoptive T cell therapy study in advanced melanoma and head-and-neck carcinoma (NCT04729543). Furthermore, the laboratory explores and applies gene-engineering of T cells and tools to assess safety and efficacy of engineered T cells to advance adoptive T cell therapy. Also, the laboratory establishes immune profiles of large cohorts of patients with various tumors treated with standard or experimental therapies.