Scientific Advisory Board

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Dr. David Gilham
Chief Scientific Officer Celyad

Dr. David Gilham first joined Celyad Oncology in April 2016 as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. As of September 1, 2016, David became Vice-President R&D, heading the implementation of our research and development strategy for our programs in immuno-oncology.

Prior to joining Celyad Oncology, David was a Reader in the Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Manchester, UK and led the Clinical and Experimental Immunotherapy Group based within the Manchester Cancer Research Centre.

Mr. Gilham received his Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Dundee prior to moving to Bristol University in 1996 to work on CAR T cells with Professor Robert Hawkins. The group moved to Manchester in 1998 where his research activity has focused on engineering T cells for cancer therapy and developing the necessary pre-clinical studies to support translation of this therapy into Phase 1/2 clinical trials in Manchester.

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Dr. Martijn Lolkema
Interim Head of Department Medical Oncology Erasmus MC

Dr. Martijn Lolkema is board certified medical oncologist at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam.

Mr. Lolkema was intimately involved in designing and building a national collaborative group to implement Next Generation Sequencing for cancer patients: the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT). This Center provides the samples and clinical data for the Hartwig Medical Foundation where whole genome sequencing efforts are concentrated. He is principal investigator of the CPCT-02 study, a national study that has recruited over 6000 patients for whole genome sequencing of metastatic tumor tissue biopsies.

Furthermore, he is currently the ad interim chair of the department of medical oncology at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam. This is the largest Medical Oncology unit in the Netherlands. He is actively involved in developing novel immunotherapy and targeted therapy for cancer patients in early phase clinical trials. The focus of his clinical and translational research is to understand the factors that determine treatment response and resistance in urogenital cancers using tissue based and circulating biomarkers.

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Prof. dr. Hans J Stauss
Director of Immunity & Transplantation University College London

Prof. dr. Hans J Stauss is Director of the University College London Institute of Immunity & Transplantation.

The main focus of his research is the analysis of antigen-specific T lymphocyte responses and the development of immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer, chronic infection, transplant rejection and autoimmune conditions. His group has been amongst the pioneering labs developing TCR gene therapy using conventional and regulatory T cells and developed strategies to improve the expression and function of therapeutic TCR. Additional activities are focussed on genetic engineering to regulate the metabolic activity of gene modified T cells, with the goal to enhance effector T cell differentiation and memory formation in vivo. The group uses the CRISPR technology to perform targeted gene editing to disrupt genes that might impair the function of therapeutic T cells.

Mr. Stauss holds a medical degree at the Medical School at the University of Freiburg, Germany, and obtained his PhD in cancer immunology at the University of Chicago and the University of California Berkley. After 7 years in the USA, he move to London to continue his research into cancer immunotherapy.