Next generation T cell therapy
for solid tumours​

Exploiting novel targets and overcoming tumour suppression​

Pan Cancer T

Pan Cancer T is an immunotherapy company developing next-generation TCR-T cell therapies for solid cancer.

The Company´s products are based on a form of T cell therapy called TCR-T therapy. It exploits the abilities of T cells – the primary natural immune effector cell – to recognize and kill tumor cells.

TCR-T therapy is based on genetically modified T cells directed against specific targets on tumor cells. Pan Cancer T´s differentiated Next Generation approach addresses two major obstacles in the field. Firstly, we work on a unique set of 30 untapped targets, exclusively and robustly expressed in multiple solid cancers. Secondly, our augmented T cells are engineered for enhanced durability in order to drive deeper and more durable clinical responses in multiple solid tumors.

Pan Cancer T at a Glance

  • Unique position in the TCR space
  • Discovery engine for novel tumor targets and highly specific TCRs: 30 untapped and unique tumor-restricted targets across 10 solid cancers
  • Augmented TCR T cells engineered for deep and durable responses- in multiple tumors
  • Lead program demonstrated preclinical proof-of-concept in the first indication, triple-negative breast cancer
  • Dedicated, complementary experts with a track record in discovery and T cell drug development